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Professional Hair Coloring Appointments in Paoli, PA

Hairdresser & Co offers quality hair coloring in Paoli, PA. Request our high-quality, long-lasting hair dye services to transform your look and boost your confidence. Hair coloring is a fantastic way not only to express your unique personality and style but also to cover grays or add depth and texture to your hair. Our experienced team is proficient in a wide range of coloring techniques, ensuring you the ideal shade and finish that best suits your personality and style. Enhance your appearance by opting for hues that complement your skin tone and features.

Hairdresser hand in black gloves paints the woman's hair in a pink color

Express Your Unique Self

Hair coloring is increasingly popular as a beauty tool and a form of self-expression. Enhance your appearance and cover up gray hair to retain a youthful look. We also offer semi-permanent and temporary dyes so you can experiment with different colors without a long-term commitment. The process involves the use of chemically based dyes that penetrate the hair shaft, leading to a permanent or semi-permanent color change. Our hair coloring options range from natural hues to more imaginative colors like blue, pink, or green, offering limitless possibilities for personal expression.

Hair Dye Styles and Techniques

Refresh your look, maintain a youthful appearance, and express your individuality with our premium quality hair dyes. To get the most out of your hair coloring appointment, you can consult our expert colorists prior to your appointment to discuss your desired look. Our team will provide guidance on the best color and technique for your hair type and lifestyle. Bring pictures of your desired hair color style to your appointment to help our colorists understand your preferences. Arrive with clean, dry hair to ensure optimal color adherence. Our hair coloring services include:

Full Color Change

This is a complete hair color transformation for those looking to make a bold change in appearance. Our expert colorists can help you choose the perfect shade for a total makeover.

Highlights and Lowlights

Add depth and dimension to your hair with our highlights and lowlights service. This technique involves coloring select strands to create a multi-tonal effect.


Balayage is a freehand coloring technique that gives a blended, sun-kissed effect to your hair. It's perfect for those seeking a natural-looking color with minimal maintenance.

Color Correction

If a DIY hair color experiment has gone wrong, or you're not satisfied with a previous hair coloring job, our color correction service is what you need. Our experts can help rectify any color mishaps and bring your hair back to a desirable shade.

Root Touch-Up

For those who need to cover regrown roots or grays, we provide seamless root touch-ups that perfectly match your existing hair color.

Temporary Hair Coloring

For clients who wish to experiment with different colors without a long-term commitment, we offer vibrant, high-quality temporary dyes that wash out after a few shampoos.

Discover Your Unique Style

Express your unique sense of style with our personalized, top-notch hair coloring services. With our extensive knowledge and artistry, our hairdressers can guide you through an exciting journey of color transformation, ensuring a result that not only enhances your appearance but also reflects your individuality. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement with a complete color change or simply wish to add depth to your natural hair with subtle highlights, we’re committed to delivering a service that exceeds your expectations. Book an appointment with us today.

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